Designing spaces that reflect who you are, what you love and how you love it. Seeing architecture, interior design and decoration as one.




Founded by Amy Johnson in 2014 and based in Melbourne, Amy Johnson Design provides bespoke design experiences for private residences, residential developments, hotels, restaurants, retail stores and office spaces. We are excited by creating exceptional design that tells our client's stories and expresses the personality or central idea of each project. Integrity in design is achieved through the cultivation of ideas that are brought to life in spaces that surprise, captivate provide sanctuary. 


Amy's design philosophy is founded on a holistic approach - seeing architecture, interior design and decoration as one. Considered space planning, the development of individualised colour palettes, careful selection of interior finishes and fittings, furnishings and an expertise in custom designed joinery are core components of our service. Amy Johnson prides herself in having a close hand on every project and the wider design community, lecturing at multiple interior design schools around Australia.


Supported by an experienced team including experienced architects, builders and joiners, upholsterers and workrooms, Amy Johnson Design can work with clients across all stages of design, constructions and decoration.  A strong commitment to quality and function underpins enduring, authentic and beautiful environments. 

Ask us about how we can collaborate with you to make your project rewarding from start to finish!